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Things to Buy in China!

Things to buy in China

China. Shopping.  You can’t do one without the other! I’m not normally a shopper—but you can’t miss this opportunity! I wish I could go back once a year just to shop! But then we would be seriously broke as I have a thing for jade!

You will hear many parents talks about buying 18 gifts for their new child—one for each adoption   anniversary until they are 18.  This is a neat little tradition — we decided to do this also. 

You can find many shopping lists on the internet of things to buy.  How could you get this wrong? It’s a very individual thing.


Below I will list some of the things we bought along with ideas from the lists on the web. I’ll end up putting this on the web page so if you want to send me more ideas I will be sure to add them!  Enjoy!

-Tea Set (mini or full sized)
-Chops  (wish I had one of her original name)
-Chopsticks – cloisonné or jade
-Pearls (fresh water in China)
-cloisonné’ ornaments
-Silk Dresses and pant sets
-Abacas – jade
-100 Children embroidery wall hanging
-Stone etching
-Charcoal etching
-Mah Jong set 
-Significant Item from birthplace/province
-Squeaky Shoes 
-Reverse painted globe
-Wedding box
-silk kite

-Hair combs
-Dolls (good luck!!)
-Papercuts (great for lifebooks)
-folk art 

-Panda quilt- at Great Wall
-Silk/beaded purse
-china map puzzle
-silk backpack
-Name Painting


-silk place settings/runners      

-Carved fan and fan holder

-Silk parasol  

-Silk comforter

-silk tissue box covers 

   -silk Barbie doll or doll dresses   

-zodiac Christmas ornament (reverse painting)

-snuff bottles (reverse painting)   

Province dolls (there are wooden and porcelin ones)